• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
11X FIFTH AVE$ 15,012,888$ 1,49110,068ResaleMay-2024Modification Before Sale
25X SIXTH AVE$ 27,500,000$ 2,9859,214ResaleMay-2024Modification After Sale
31X LEWIS RD$ 21,600,000$ 2,2419,637ResaleMay-2024N.A
43X CORNWALL GARDENS$ 36,018,888$ 1,87519,207ResaleApr-2024N.A
51X FORD AVE$ 39,500,000$ 2,02019,554ResaleMar-2024Modification Before Sale
63X KINGSMEAD RD$ 17,420,000$ 2,5166,924ResaleFeb-2024N.A
76X CHESTNUT DR$ 15,500,000$ 1,06714,526ResaleFeb-2024Modification Before Sale
85X GARLICK AVE$ 19,500,000$ 1,88510,345ResaleFeb-2024N.A
91XX GALLOP PARK RD$ 26,500,000$ 2,05912,871ResaleJan-2024N.A