• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
11X CLUNY HILL$ 38,600,000$ 2,31516,675ResaleDec-2020N.A
22X GALLOP RD$ 42,000,000$ 1,94021,647ResaleDec-2020Modification After Sale
3X LERMIT RD$ 34,749,000$ 2,00017,374ResaleDec-2020N.A
46X BIN TONG PARK$ 37,000,000$ 1,68521,952ResaleDec-2020Modification After Sale
51X BINJAI RISE$ 13,500,000$ 96414,002ResaleDec-2020Modification After Sale
64X MOUNT ECHO PARK$ 32,000,000$ 1,71218,690ResaleDec-2020N.A
7X CHATSWORTH PARK$ 44,000,000$ 2,08221,133ResaleDec-2020Modification Before Sale
82X MARYLAND DR$ 25,680,000$ 1,17521,862ResaleDec-2020Modification After Sale
92X LEWIS RD$ 7,800,000$ 1,6904,616ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
103X REBECCA RD$ 21,500,000$ 1,49514,380ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
114X ANDREW RD$ 20,488,000$ 74427,530ResaleNov-2020Modification Before Sale
122XX KING ALBERT PARK$ 9,828,000$ 1,2377,944ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
131X BRIZAY PARK$ 21,000,000$ 1,17917,808ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
141XX GALLOP PARK RD$ 24,150,000$ 1,61015,004ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
153X GARLICK AVE$ 11,080,000$ 1,3748,062ResaleNov-2020Modification After Sale
16X CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 8,350,000$ 9049,232ResaleOct-2020Modification After Sale
176X DALVEY RD$ 27,200,000$ 1,81714,967ResaleOct-2020Modification After Sale
18X CHATSWORTH RD$ 17,000,000$ 1,60810,571ResaleOct-2020Modification After Sale
193XX CHESTNUT CRESCENT$ 6,808,888$ 8587,938ResaleOct-2020Modification After Sale
203X DALVEY ESTATE$ 34,700,000$ 1,74019,938ResaleOct-2020Modification Before Sale
211XX LEEDON PARK$ 73,000,000$ 1,64344,435ResaleSep-2020N.A
22X BIN TONG PARK$ 37,600,000$ 1,33828,111ResaleSep-2020Modification After Sale
232X GARLICK AVE$ 37,500,000$ 1,66022,595ResaleSep-2020N.A
244X DALVEY RD$ 28,500,000$ 1,83115,568ResaleSep-2020Modification After Sale
258XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 21,000,000$ 1,20717,404ResaleSep-2020Modification After Sale
262X GALLOP PARK$ 35,000,000$ 1,27327,491ResaleAug-2020Modification After Sale
273X BUKIT SEDAP RD$ 18,000,000$ 1,15615,567ResaleAug-2020Modification After Sale
283X CABLE RD$ 18,900,000$ 1,45612,980ResaleAug-2020Modification After Sale
291XX CHATSWORTH RD$ 28,000,000$ 1,86714,999ResaleAug-2020N.A
301X CHESTNUT AVE$ 6,300,000$ 1,0506,000ResaleJul-2020Modification Before Sale
312X GARLICK AVE$ 16,800,000$ 87319,248ResaleJul-2020Modification After Sale
325X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 15,000,000$ 1,13413,227ResaleJul-2020Modification After Sale
337X WINDSOR PARK RD$ 21,250,000$ 1,06319,987ResaleJun-2020Modification After Sale
345X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 16,200,000$ 1,61010,061ResaleMay-2020Modification After Sale
35X WOOLLERTON PARK$ 19,500,000$ 1,36214,315ResaleMay-2020Modification After Sale
363X GENTLE RD$ 9,000,000$ 1,3796,528ResaleMay-2020N.A
375X WINDSOR PARK RD$ 21,680,000$ 1,02821,092ResaleApr-2020Modification After Sale
38X CLUNY PARK$ 40,000,000$ 1,96420,369ResaleMar-2020N.A
39X SWISS CLUB AVE$ 13,000,000$ 1,4728,831ResaleFeb-2020Modification After Sale
402XX CORNWALL GARDENS$ 28,000,000$ 1,38920,156ResaleFeb-2020Modification After Sale
413X OEI TIONG HAM PARK$ 19,500,000$ 1,28115,217ResaleFeb-2020Modification After Sale
428XX OLD HOLLAND RD$ 13,380,000$ 1,30710,237ResaleFeb-2020Modification After Sale
435XX HOLLAND RD$ 15,500,000$ 1,7139,050ResaleFeb-2020Modification After Sale
441XX DALVEY ESTATE$ 36,000,000$ 1,97618,219ResaleJan-2020N.A
452X ORIOLE CRESCENT$ 15,500,000$ 1,5829,795ResaleJan-2020N.A
46X WILMONAR AVE$ 9,300,000$ 1,6585,608ResaleJan-2020Modification Before Sale