• GCB - Good Class Bungalows are at the highest end of the luxury segment in Singapore‚Äôs property market.
Transaction List

Transaction List

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No.Address Purchased PricePsfArea (Sqft)TypeDate BCA Info
12XX HOLLAND RD$ 10,800,000$ 1,5966,768ResaleNov-2023N.A
21X NAMLY HILL$ 25,200,000$ 2,27311,087ResaleNov-2023N.A
32X THIRD AVE$ 26,388,888$ 1,81014,576ResaleNov-2023N.A
44X CHEE HOON AVE$ 26,700,000$ 2,41311,064ResaleNov-2023N.A
52XX KING ALBERT PARK$ 24,800,000$ 1,61915,318ResaleOct-2023N.A
6X CHEE HOON AVE$ 18,500,000$ 1,67811,022ResaleOct-2023Modification Before Sale
71X CASSIA DR$ 25,300,000$ 2,28511,071ResaleAug-2023Modification Before Sale
81X CALDECOTT CLOSE$ 22,000,000$ 1,98511,083ResaleAug-2023N.A
92X CALDECOTT CLOSE$ 22,250,000$ 2,03610,931ResaleJul-2023N.A
10X JAL HARUM$ 22,800,000$ 2,6138,726ResaleJun-2023N.A
11X JAL ASUHAN$ 42,000,000$ 2,56216,396ResaleMay-2023Modification Before Sale
121X JAL HARUM$ 32,800,000$ 2,30814,211ResaleApr-2023N.A
131X WOOLLERTON DR$ 24,400,000$ 2,8228,646ResaleMar-2023Modification Before Sale
144X SIXTH AVE$ 26,000,000$ 2,03912,750ResaleMar-2023N.A
153X BINJAI PARK$ 28,300,000$ 1,82415,515ResaleMar-2023Modification After Sale
16X JAL KAMPONG CHANTEK$ 20,500,000$ 1,96010,459ResaleFeb-2023Modification Before Sale
171XXX ENG NEO AVE$ 26,500,000$ 90729,202ResaleFeb-2023N.A
18X CHESTNUT CLOSE$ 7,268,000$ 1,2125,999ResaleJan-2023N.A